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Valentine’s Day Montage

From Kate:

Let me start by saying that Mark and I are children and products of the 80s. We enjoy music from that entire time period and we greatly appreciate TV shows from that decade.

Many TV shows and movies of that era embraced the montage. MacGyver wound up in an otherwise impossible situation but with the right music, he could accomplish anything. The Breakfast Club, Rocky, Goonies, you name it, most shows did it.

So tonight, I am embracing my 80s roots and I have made Getty her very own Valentine’s Day montage. I am not known for my movie making skills, but I did the best I could.

Valentine’s Day I am sure, means different things to different people. For us it means just another day that we get to embrace each other and snuggle with our Miss Getty. I remember someone telling me before I gave birth to Getty, “You will never know another love like the love you have for your child.” I couldn’t agree more. I see life with a new lens and I feel like I am living the life I always wanted to, as a mother.

So here is our gift to you, Miss Getty.




From Mark:

I just got off the phone with 107.9 The End and they announced that Getty won the Baby Idol Contest!

Thank you so much for all the love and support from her friends and family. She couldn’t have done it without you. We know people have very busy lives and we very much appreciate your taking time to vote daily.

Thank you also to Morgan Saunders and Hale Photography for taking the wonderful winning picture of Getty. That picture was taken a week after her SMA diagnosis. It was a very special photo session. We were full of worry at the time but now that photo will be a constant reminder of a happy moment. None of this would have happened without Morgan!

Thank you to Sacramento 107.9 The End and to School’s Financial Credit Union!

They were keeping the on-air conversation short and happy. Although I was not able to talk about SMA on the air, I do know that the Getty Owl blog got lots of extra traffic over the past few weeks based upon Baby Idol internet searches. SMA awareness has been raised!

Maybe The End will support their new Baby Idol in some of the future events we are planning. 🙂

We hope it doesn’t go to her head and turn her into a little diva.

Congratulations, Little Owl! We love you!

Happy Valentine’s Day!