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Free Food! Come on Birds, What’s Your Problem?

From Kate:

RSV season is still among us and we have not been able to take Getty out quite yet, so I am trying to find ways to bring the outside, inside. One of my attempts was to make sure all the windows were open so the natural light could come in and she could see all the activity outside. So far this attempt has become an epic fail for this mama.

We have two beautiful shade trees in the front yard and I thought perhaps buying a bird feeder would do the job. I had images of hundreds of song birds stopping in to say hi and then fly away. I thought for sure Getty and I would spend hours looking out the window in birdie delight. Doesn’t this look appealing?
I took great care filling the feeder up to the tippie top just so the birds knew I was serious. I even attached it with a yellow bow to show that I am bird friendly.

I mean if I were a bird, I would stop to check out the free food. Guess how many birds have stopped by. NONE! Not even a Mockingbird or Scrub Jay. But guess who has stopped by?


So if anyone has any ideas on how to attract some beautiful song birds, please let me know. Getty is enjoying Mr.Squiggles in his occasion food raids, but he kind of dines and dashes and doesn’t give her a chance to enjoy him.

But tomorrow is another day and perhaps a feathered friend will stop by to say hi.