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Hair Combing 101

From Kate:

Let me start by saying that Getty loves her pink comb. I bought a package of them a few months ago and she picked the pink comb for her usual hair brushing. She enjoys when we brush her hair. She loves clips, she loves head bands, and frilly bows. Is this really my daughter? 🙂 So today she was holding her comb as usual, while watching The Big Brag, by Dr. Seuss in her stroller.

For the entire duration of the story I heard the “plunk” of a plastic comb and then a cry. I got up from the couch to find Getty had dropped her comb and was telling me to pick it up for her. This happened about 7 times and each time I laid it back in her hand and she gave me a big smile. “Here you go Miss Getty”, I said. Went back to the couch only to wait for another “plunk”.

Then I got smart. “I’ll just tie the comb to her hand and then she won’t be able to drop it.” And that is what I did. I used an arm sling to hold the comb in place.

I had taken my eyes off of Getty for a minute to write an email and then my eyes were distracted by a moving pink object.  I ran to get the camera. Man, I wish I could have gotten more footage, but here you go. She was combing her hair for a good two minutes.


I have the girliest of girls and I couldn’t be more proud.