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Thank You for Picking Me!

From Kate:

Getty I wanted to write this to you on what will be the 2nd Mother’s Day, a day I get to celebrate being your mommy.

Getty when you were born I was over the moon in love with you. The moment the nurse brought me to you, I knew you were something special. I was so excited to become a mom and more importantly, your mom. I’ll be honest I wasn’t sure what it meant to be a mom. Your Grammy had set the bar so high, that I didn’t know if I could do as good of a job.

In hindsight I think I read too much, I conjured up all kinds of things in my head of what I should already know about how to care for you that I think I really stressed myself out. I took classes, researched and one word I kept hearing was the word should. “You should breastfeed, you child should walk at a year old, teething should happen by 5 months.” And you know what Getty, I listened to all of it because I just wanted to do right by you. You deserved anything and everything.

Never in my wildest dreams could I every have imagined that something so devastating could shake our family foundation to the core like SMA did. I remember distinctly in between the pediatrician and neurology appointment looking at you and telling you, “Getty you can’t leave me.” I had no idea what fate was going to serve us, but there was something telling my heart that something wasn’t right. We had only known each other for a few months and for you to leave me was out of the question. Incomprehensible to think a diagnosis could be so grim.

My eyes were focused on your little body as he said, “two years”. I didn’t cry, I didn’t feel, I just froze.

Since that day your Daddy and I have done everything in or power to make sure that every day is filled with love and happiness.

Getty you are my constant teacher. You teach me to be patient, unconditional, resilient and strong. You continue to teach me humility and compassion. You are so forgiving of my “mommy moments”. I think what you continue to teach me and that I can’t thank you enough is if I follow my heart then anything is possible.

Getty you are my buddy. I look forward to sleeping by your side and waking up in your presence. I enjoy spending time with you during the day. You are so curious and mischievous. I enjoy watching you when you experience new things. Your caterpillars will be hatching soon and I look forward to experiencing that with you. The zoo is calling your name and I cannot wait to see you see live animals bigger than your kitties and puppy.

You have given me so many incredible memories in the last 13 months and I look forward to making more with you and daddy.

Getty I love you with all of my being and I want to thank you for letting me be your mommy, thank you for picking me. You are the best gift I could have ever asked for.