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Watch Out CIM, Team Getty Is Here!

From Kate:

CIM stands for California International Marathon. As in 26.2 miles of pure sweat and asphalt. On this Sunday, December 4th a group of dedicated Team Getty Runners will be taking on what I would consider one of the most incredible challenges in life, a marathon.

This incredible group has been training for the past year to get ready for this day. They have entered races throughout the year, wearing their Team Getty shirts proudly and doing their best to spread SMA awareness as they run each mile.

Mark, Getty, and I say thank you. We thank you all for making this commitment. We thank you for coming aboard to help us fight SMA. Thank you for taking time from your own busy lives and families to train for this enormous race. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

We thank you allĀ  for helping raise money on Crowdrise. Because of you, we are able to put these funds towards the Gene Therapy Program. We thank all of the donors as well. Thank you for believing in each Team Getty Runner to help sponsor them. Everyone’s support has been so humbling.

We want to thank Morgan for getting this team together back in January. You have been such a huge supporter and best big sissy to Miss Getty. Thank you for organizing this very special group who will be running proudly for Getty and for Getty Owl Foundation on Sunday.

For those that will be participating or observing the race, look out for our sea of blue Team Getty shirts. Give them a hoot! Odds are they will hoot back and tell you a little about why you should know more about the #1 genetic killer of young children.

So to our amazing Team Getty members, we say thank you. Get lots of rest, lots of water and carbs. And remember that we support you and hope that our good vibes will help you run swifter and lighter. And remember, “We kick ours to kick SMA’s”





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