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2012 Valentine’s Day Montage

From Kate:

Last year we put together a little collection of pictures played to music “montage”. So I thought why not do it again. Getty is becoming such a little lady and I want to celebrate her girliness and individuality. We are so, so blessed to have had another year of beautiful pictures of Miss Getty.

Update on her health is simple……she is doing awesome and with every passing day she is getting more personality. She is so sassy and so sure of herself. We are all enjoying her so much. She is starting to formulate sounds and words better. I wish I could bottle up her loud squeals, they are magical and they brighten our day.

Since 2011 Valentine’s Day, it has been a year of blessings, worries, education, understanding, forgiving, fighting (in a good way :)), good fortune, love, commitment, uncertainty, and perseverance.  This journey is very windy and there are times when not being able to see around the next corner can be so scary and then we just look at Getty and things just seem to work out. I need to keep remembering that she is driving. And what kind of car is she driving? If I had to guess it would be something fast with flames on it. She is not the type to not be noticed. 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day