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SMA Art Auction Day #5 “Mystery PIcture Day”

From Kate:

Day #5 is here. If you would like to see Day #4, there are still items up for sale over there for a few more hours. Thanks for stopping by every day to check out the incredible artwork. I would like to thank those that have already purchased their artwork. For most, they are all bubble wrapped and boxed up and they are currently in transit. 🙂

So today is a special day! Today is called Mystery Picture Day! You’ll need to click on each link to see the mystery items. 🙂

Okay so here we go!


Auction Item #21

Flight of Beauty

Click HERE to Bid!




Auction Item #22


Click HERE to Bid!



Auction Item #23

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Click HERE to Bid!



Auction Item #24

Say Yes to the Dress

Click HERE to Bid!