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Toothfairy….We’ve Got Two for You!

From Kate:

Getty, once again hit another incredible milestone……….she lost two teeth. Two of them on the same day, I think. 🙂

Quick rewind.

We woke up as our usual routine would dictate. Getting ready for school demands a diaper change, new clothes, and an hour long breathing treatment. As I was brushing her teeth I noticed one of her lower middle teeth was gone. Like completely gone, vanished, no where. My first instincts was, “where is the tooth?” Since Getty cannot swallow, it is easy for a tooth to be aspirated. I lightly dug my finger into her little mouth in an effort to find the missing treasure. Nothing.

I had already started her breathing treatment so my thought was if it was in there it could have already come out and didn’t notice it. But nopety, nope. This tooth was gone. I started to get kind of frantic. She hadn’t simulated any choking at all that day or night, so where the heck was it?

I decided since the tooth next to the missing one as also loose, it needed to come out. Two missing teeth would send me reeling. So I began to move it around. Gross! The feeling of pulling a tooth out is so gross. But sure enough with a little twist, it was out. A sweet little tooth. Getty’s little tooth. I coveted the little thing in my hand and I just stared at it. Another milestone, chills ran up an down my back. About that moment Angie found Getty’s first tooth. It was on the ground. It must have come flying out last night during her breathing treatment and no one noticed.

So now we have two beautiful little teeth. The gap in Getty’s mouth is so cute too. It just feels like she went from being a little lady to a bigger little lady, instantly. Where does the time go. I remember like it was just yesterday when those little pearly whites were coming in.

So here is our proud little lady showing off her little teeth.

The tooth fairy was busy that night as you can tell. She was all over the place finding the perfect gift for Getty’s efforts. She found two shirts and a Lego set Getty has been wanting. 🙂

Congratulations little owl!


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