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So Many Reasons to Celebrate Recipients

From Kate:

We want to thank all of the SMA families who entered their kiddo in Getty Owl Foundation’s, So Many Reasons to Celebrate Giveaway.

We are so thankful to be able to support SMA families in all kinds of ways. This annual giveaway is always special, because we love to imagine what each child’s response will be while their present is unwrapped. I know Getty’s eyes are big and bright as she sees what presents lay underneath the tree. The unwrapping is another story, the paper can’t come off fast enough. 🙂

We send our love far and wide to the SMA community. This time of year is bittersweet, because we are so aware of how incredibly precious our kids are to us and how we move about this life with such purpose and determination to give our kids the world. We hope you all have time to sit with all of the beautiful moments this holiday season provides. Our hearts are with those families that will not have their special human being by their side right now. We send our love and we hope you are all surrounded by loved ones that can hold you and comfort you.

Without further ado………….

We thank you all for entering. We hope you enjoy!

Happy Holidays to all!

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So Many Reasons to Celebrate

From Kate:

From the looks of things, I may just be coming by once a year to pop in to do our annual giveaways. Every time I want to sit down at the computer to update on Getty, I get pulled away by her’s truly. 🙂

Getty is now 13 years old and just not stopping to take any pictures or stall for a second. She is enjoying 8th grade and has her eyes set on high school, next year. She is over 5ft tall and at this point has not only passed her Grammy, she has her eyes set on my height and too best honest that really worries me. She is doing so well. We are, as always just over the moon for each day we have together and life just keeps moving forward. She is an absolute gift and reflecting on the last few years, we are so incredibly aware of how fragile life can be and we hold onto every moment and pursue the future at the same time.

This year I wasn’t quite sure what to do for our giveaway. Many things are the same and then I wanted to try other items that might be enriching for some of our SMA kiddos. We will be giving away iPads, as usual, and last year we got some great feedback on the Bedjets, so we will be continuing to gift those as well. To add to the list, we decided to add the Nintendo Switch. The Switches will come with adaptation options for those that might need other means to operate the device.

As always we love what what we do. Getty Owl Foundation has been such an incredible experience for us and we just hope that we can a make difference for as many SMA families as possible. We have been supporting families as best as we can for the past 12 years and for that, we are just so thankful. We strive to assist where we can and hope that for some who believe our efforts are admirable, decide to donate to help us keep on, keeping on. 🙂 This entire journey has been life altering in a way I was truly hoping it would and I am just beside myself knowing we are still doing the work.

So let’s get going!

Here are the details:

-Any SMA family can enter for their child/young adult. Please limit it to only one entry per household.

-Enter now 12/8, until Deadline 12/12 by 8pm PST.

-Recipients will be announced 12/13 @6pm PST. (Also Taylor Swift’s Birthday :))

-Email the following information:

  • Name of child/young adult
  • Address/phone number
  • Indicate which item(s) you are interested in. (iPad/Bedjet/Switch)
  • Please attach a picture of your child/young adult

Our Giveaway includes the following:

(12) iPad w/$50 gift card

(6) Bedjets

(3) Nintendo Switch w/$35 gift card

We look forward to your entries and we are excited to announce the recipients on 12/13.