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Peanut Update

From Kate:

During the first ultrasound appointment I remember being a bit apprehensive and also very excited about being pregnant. So many things to think about and to “plan”. The apprehensive part though had taken over when I laid on the bed for the nurse practitioner to do the first of many ultrasounds. We looked on as she found the blip on the screen.  And at that moment she proclaimed, “well that is the cutest peanut I have ever seen.” What a sweet thing to say. From that moment on Getty had her first of many nicknames, peanut.

Well this peanut has grown into a beautiful little girl. Getty will be 9 months on Christmas day, she is 19 pounds and 28 inches. She is our little peanut, owl, chicken, lil missy, spaghetti, goose, and we couldn’t be more proud of what she has already accomplished in her life. Such a sweet-natured young lady that has simply moved mountains since she got here.