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The Final Call!!!

Oh my heavens people, you all are AMAZING!  I’ve had so much fun throwing this virtual birthday party, and seriously….today is a day when I just think technology is wonderful.  The fact that we were all able to come together on this wonderful day for this wonderful girl is just absolutely awe inspiring.

Also, haven’t we had the most wonderful stuff to giveaway?!  You do know that as of this post going live there is still 2 more hours left to enter all the contests??!!  You also do know that you can enter each and everyone of them right??!!  Most just require a simply comment!  The grandest prize of all just requires a simple video or picture!!!

Thanks again to all the wonderful crafters that donated their handmade items today!  Here is a list of everything we are giving away in case you missed it:

Giveaway 1: Flip Mino HD 8gb Camcorder with case!  Remember, if you have posted a video or picture somewhere for us to see, but sure you have left a comment on this post too in order to be entered!!

Giveaway 2: Necklace from Jenny Trinh

Giveaway 3: Owl Print from Marty May

Giveaway 4: Owl Paper Weight from Why Girls Go Astray

Giveaway 5: Pandora’s Box Scarf from Scarf It Up

Giveaway 6: Massage Gift Certificate from Kerri Threulsen

Giveaway 7: Cart Cover from No More Nasties

Giveaway 8: Hair Clips from Couture To Cure SMA

Giveaway 9: Robot Plush from Lauren Smash

Giveaway 10: Necklace from Revitalized Vintage

Giveaway 11: Gift Certificate from Say What Creations

Giveaway 12: $100 iTunes Gift Card for supporting “Sweet Water Child”

Giveaway 13: Purse/Keychain/Headband from Bottle of Clouds

Giveaway 14: Quilt from Katie Jean

Giveaway 15: Owl Necklace from Shannon Sweeley

There you have it!  Don’t waste anymore time here, gets to entering!  Let’s all sign off with a HOOT HOOT as we wish Getty the happiest 1st Birthday a girl could ever have!

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   (+add yours?)
  • Dawn says:

    HOOT! HOOT! Precious Getty!

  • Sarah says:

    Happy Birthday, Getty!

    I had my Team Getty bracelet on today.

    May this year be full of wonder and new experiences and growth and amazement.

    – a supporter and big fan in Michigan,

  • What an amazing idea and germfree way to celebrate a HUGE milestone! Thank you for including all of us in your celebration. Getty is sooooo beautiful and we are praying for many, many, many more birthday celebrations!!!! (((HUGS)))

  • Lisa H says:

    She is a beautiful little girl! I hope she has enjoyed her day and enjoys many more xo

  • nola mathany says:

    Thanks to Stacy and all the crafters that donated items…
    Getty’s birthday party with all your best wishes could not have been better. Cant wait to see all the videos. Getty was a trooper with all the balloons and gifts. Was a very special night for all.
    To our little owl. HUGGS and KISSES


  • Melissa H says:

    Happy Birthday! Hope it was great day for all of you!

  • SophiasCure says:

    Happy Birthday Miss Getty, you are an inspiration to all!!!!! HOOT HOOT

  • nicole bentley says:

    The giveaways were amazing

  • AUNTIE JAMA says:

    What an amazing BIRTHDAY picture!!! Getty ~ you are so beautiful & look so happy…..that is what this day is about!! Its been great to be a part of your SPECIAL DAY!!! You are now officially – 1 year old!! HOOT HOOT

  • Evelyn & Evin Stump says:

    Great B’Day picture, precious Getty. We love you.

    Grandma Evelyn & Grandpa Evin

  • Eileen says:

    Thanks Stacey for all you do!! Thanks Kate the give aways were fun. Are all the vendors going to be there for the SMA walk or the capitol walk not sure which one! Love all the jewelsssss!

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