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Father’s Day is Coming Soon, Honor Your Superhero!

From Kate:

Father’s Day is coming up on Sunday and I wanted to offer a new and fun suggestion for families to take part in. We all know that your dad is a superhero and so honor him by running or walking in the Superheroes 5K this Sunday at Capital Park in Downtown Sacramento. 

Our friends at Capital Road Race Management are putting on a great race to honor dad! 

Getty and I will be honoring Mark that morning. All three of us will bundle up, put on our capes and walk the route in honor of Getty’s awesome daddy.

CRR has also been extremely gracious and offered all participates that enter the code: Hoot $2, from each registration will go straight to Getty Owl Foundation.  Thank you guys for thinking of us and your continued support.

We hope many people come out. What a great way to honor dad!

If you know you cannot make the event, but would still like to donate we have set up a fundraising page to help meet our goal of raising $1,000. Help us blow this out of the water! Donate HERE!

I am ironing Getty’s cape tonight. A superhero needs to be ready to go at a moments notice. 🙂



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