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Age Isn’t Just a Number

From Mark:

Hey Kate… Happy birthday!

You know what they say… Age is just a number; but once again, you have disproven what “they” say.

“They” said, “Getty has 2 years.” Thanks to your boundless love and and dedication, it’s been 5 years and counting, and she is doing wonderfully.

In this case, age isn’t “just a number.” It’s a big deal. You helped make it a big deal when you decided years ago to do everything you could to defy the odds for her.
In Getty’s case, numbers aren’t just numbers. They are an integral part of her life.

The numbers on her pulse ox show she is in good health. The numbers that go into her bipap settings, cough settings, nutrition, feed rate, temperature, and supply shipments are crucial to her well being, and you have mastered them. The numbers she says aloud in her school work are evidence that you are bringing her worlds of enlightenment and  enrichment daily.

Numbers mean a lot. They are her signposts, which stand as constant reminders of all the good and happiness you deliver her every day.

I’m proud of you. I’m sure I speak for both Getty and me when I say thank you.

Happy birthday!