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7 Years and Growing!

From Kate,  Getty turned 7 years old on Saturday, March 25th. Check out this incredible cake!  A beautiful cake that seriously blew everyone away! Fitting that the warrior chief, Moana stands confidently on top. Thank you Lorraine for all of your hard work and incredible talent.  Getty had a great day. Lots of smiles and squeals. She received some legos, Troll things, and lots of clothes. It was nice to have a day to just celebrate Getty. We didn’t need to discuss anything else besides how awesome it was that she was now 7 years old.  Birthdays are always a bit emotional for me. I just kind of compartmentalize everything until the festivities have finished and then I can have a little time while Getty sleeps to reflect on what 7 years mean. It is a big deal. Every single day, every movement, every celebration, every squeal. Everything is a big moment, and to know that we have had and will continue to have time to watch her grow and kick butt is just an incredible honor. She continues to teach determination and fortitude.  Her little being continues to strive for all the good life has to offer. She makes everyone around her better.  Happy Birthday sweet lady. We all love you so very much and we stand in awe of your curiosity and strength to do every single thing you want to do without feeling any boundaries. Please continue to steer this ship, we will always be your loyal mates. 🙂   
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