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Halloween 2017

From Kate:  We hope every one had a safe and fun Halloween. Getty decided to be Wonder Woman this year. I would argue that she IS Wonder Woman, but at least she was willing to dress up as her role, finally after 7 years on this planet. 🙂  The Saturday before Halloween, Getty was invited to a Halloween party at her friend’s house. That entire sentence just gives me the happy chills. She had a lot of fun and enjoyed her time hanging out with her friends and kids her age. It was awesome for her to be invited. This time of the year is always so sketchy. I want her to experience fun things, but the worry of fall/winter germs is looming, so sometimes I am a buzzkill and say no. BUT, this time I said yes and she had a great time and made some great memories.  Halloween was a blast. Getty got to participate with her cousins and even dad dressed up for the festivities. She said, “trick or treat” and “thank you” at every house which was awesome for many reasons. 1) We were out trick or treating in the first place. 2) Getty was healthy enough to go. 3) She loudly said, “trick or treat.” 4) She loudly said, “thank you.” 5) Girlfriend made a killing in treats. 🙂