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From Kate:

I have tried to write this post at least three times and I have had to put it down because recapping Tuesday seemed to be impossible. How on earth could I put all of this into words and have it actually coherent? But know as I write I have obtained more sleep then I ever have in the four days we have been here and I have finally sat down long enough to eat a meal, so here goes.

As Getty sleeps in absolute quiet and comfort, I am overcome with emotion while recapping Tuesday. Man, what a blur it was. Time seemed to move so slow until about an hour before surgery, then it uncomfortably sprinted forward.

Surgery was scheduled for 2:30pm or so. Getty’s last feed was 7am and from there on out, she would fast for surgery. She got an IV in her arm. One nurse tried twice to find a vein in Getty’s right hand but failed. The second nurse was successful in hitting the vein and the IV was placed. Can I just tell you about my daughter? She didn’t cry, she didn’t complain, she actually smiled while getting the IV put in her. She gazed lovingly at me and both of the nurses. Such a sweetheart.

My mom and I walked down to the cafeteria to get lunch for Mark, my Dad, and for us. That walk was nice, after being inside most of the time. Getting out in the sun and fresh air was very soothing. What is with this 80 degree weather in California, isn’t it late November?!

After getting the food, we arrived back at the doors of the hospital. There is a gift shop just to the left so we went in just to take a peek. There was an owl movie made a little while ago, called Legend of the Guardians, Mark and I went to see. It was our anniversary and we thought how appropriate it would be to be entertained by some owls. We thought it was a cute movie. There was a baby owl in the movie that we quickly identified as our little Getty. So anyway, while my Mom and I were in the gift shop we saw all of the characters sitting on one of the shelves. “Well, she needs all of them,” I said. I quickly grabbed all four of the them and walked to the register.

I showed Getty all of her little owls. Her eyes beamed with happiness. I think she was overwhelmed by how many I actually bought. Usually is it just one owl at a time — but four — her eyes kind of bugged out. I rested them at her side, and I left her to converse with them while we ate.

Lunch seemed uncomfortable, sitting around the pull-out tables. Anxiety and nerves were high. There was not much to say really. The anticipation of surgery weighed heavily on all four of us.

It was around 2:20pm when the Kaiser team came in to take Getty down to the OR. Despite months of preparation, I simply wasn’t ready. My heart starting beating so hard and, at that moment, I realized that this was really real. She is going to have surgery. Each of us had a moment to kiss her and to speak with her.

The walk to the OR was seriously the longest walk I have ever had. To me it felt like everyone we would walk past had a somber look on their face. I felt like saying, “Hey she is going to be okay; why do you need to look so sad?” I think that was more for me too be honest. I was really trying to convince myself that this was just routine and things were going to be fine.

We reached the OR and it looked chaotic. Beds were everywhere stocked full of people with aliments. The noise level was uncomfortable but we headed straight for an open room, separated by a curtain. The surgeon and anesthesiologist were waiting for us.

Each of us got a chance to kiss her and talk to her. She had such a calm demeanor. I was so proud of her. I wish I could as brave as she was. The look on her face said, “I’ll see you soon, don’t worry.” And at that moment the anesthesiologist cradled her in her arms and they walked away.

I had a fleeting thought racing through my head as she left, “What if she doesn’t come back? What have I done?” But as she walked away, Getty looked at us and I just knew she was in good hands. I knew everything was going to be okay. I knew Mark and I had made a good decision. I knew, even with all of the conflict with Kaiser, Getty was in capable hands that were going to do everything they could to make sure this surgery was a success.

The three hours of sitting and waiting during surgery was excruciating. However, I will say something my father is really good at, among other things, is comic relief. He tells very good stories with such detail he can have you in stitches in no time. The room we waited in was the meditation room, and I can only guess what a person would think as they walked by that room only to hear loud laughter exuding from a place of reflection and worship. Lightening the mood was important. If we had sat there in silence, we all would have went a bit crazy.

We got a phone call that Getty was back up in the PICU and that we could come to see her. I just assumed the surgeon would come in to talk to us, so when we got the call we hightailed it back up to her room. They had already extubated to bipap by the time we got there. Her body was covered in the yellow iodine, she was a little bloated, and she was absolutely beautiful. What an absolute champ.

She took to the bipap very quickly as we watched all of her vitals slowly come to normal. She was still under anesthesia but was starting to move her limbs. We had a chance to quickly talk to the doctors and they seemed to agree that the surgery was a success and that there were no complication.

Mark and I assessed her body as we walked forward to her. We kissed her forehead many times and whispered in her ear to tell her we were here. What an incredible feeling to know that Getty was back with us. We were reunited as a family once more. It was a very overwhelming feeling. The anxiety was no more and it was replaced with a warm feeling of comfort. Our baby was back, and now we can continue to love her and snuggle her and continue our lives together.

She slept very well while on bipap, so good in fact that the doctors were thinking of taking her off. We weren’t comfortable with that. We felt Getty should stay on it for the remainder of the night to see how she does after a good rest.

Around 8am, the RT came in. She took the bipap off and just assessed her. Getty fussed just a little bit at first and then seemed to be fine. We watched her vitals. They took a blood test to really see how were oxygen levels were, and everything came back good.

The moment she woke up this morning, she greeted everyone with a huge smile. I think she knew she had been gone for a bit and she missed out on some good mommy and daddy time. It was clear she missed her grammy. Boy did she need some of her lovin’.

Today was an incredible day. We literally just spent the day talking to her, kissing her, and really catching up. She was in good spirits all day except when she needed a nap and needed some pain medication.

Getty continues to teach Mark and I everyday. Had I been listening to her throughout these last few days, I would have known that things were going to be okay. She had been telling us that since we got here. Every smile, giggle, and her carefree disposition was her way of telling us that there was no reason to freak out. Did I listen? Um……no. But I have definitely learned that she will dictate how our journey will go. Our ears are open to our little owl.

Through this surgical procedure, Mark and I were granted the time we were hoping for… More time to create more incredible memories with the most incredible little girl you could every meet. We are so proud of her and she is so brave to have done this with so much grace and confidence. We are in awe.

If the plan remains the same, we will be going home on Friday. We are really looking forward to just being together and reconnecting under our own roof. We are looking forward to hugging her and cuddling with her.

While we were in the meditation room waiting, Mark and I were constantly reading everyone’s comments on Getty’s blog and on Facebook.  I know I can speak for Mark and say that every comment literally kept us intact. As we would read one, another one would come up and we would be comforted in the notion that there were people thinking about our girl and hoping for the best.

We thank you all for taking a moment out of your day to extend a kind word and supportive hand.

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  • A says:

    I am glad thingsare going good, I know how much you guys worried about this, I am also glad that you will be able to go home soon and just spend time as a family. I know how much miss getty loves just sitting there looking at you. I also wanted to say you guys are in my prayers and will continue to be.

  • JoEl Randall says:

    So happy to hear everything went well! Little Getty is loved so much, and I’m sure she knows that. Doesn’t it always seem, that in a situation like this, the patient tries to comfort the family. Funny how that works. There has to be a lesson in all this. We don’t know what God has in store for us, but Getty seems to be giving out so much love. You’ve been given a gift. Bless you all.

  • sara says:

    so happy surgery went well! she is a tough little girl with wonderful parents. fingers crossed for a discharge tomorrow and a wonderful weekened!

  • Stacey Ball says:

    Oh man, note to self….don’t read these posts while at the office! Luckily no one is here to see me crying at my desk! I am so happy for little Getty, she is such a trouper. Leyton is happy to that his little cougar, he still can’t figure out why everyone things she’s an owl, is so strong and he is ready to chat her ear off.

  • Jeff says:

    Kate, I have no idea why it took you three tries to write this. You write so beautifuly and from the heart I just think that no matter what you write would be perfect.

    I am so glad that you guys might be able to come home tomorrow. Gives better meaning to the saying, “TGIF.”

    I also want to say thank you. Thank you to Mark, you, and Getty. You guys are going through so much, but are still able to have love and be such a wonderful family that it makes me happy to see that Love is stronger than any emotion. You guys means so much and I hope you know that we will drop everything to help with anything you ask.

  • julia says:

    We are all SO thankful and relieved that everything went well! You take such good care of your amazing mom and dad and entire family with your smiles and peaceful way.

    We too were really nervous all day Tuesday but should have known that you got things covered and have a team of guardian angels surrounding you (along with the talented medical team who did their part – god bless you!).

    Many thanks to your beautiful mom and dad, who share your grace with all of us. You are in our thoughts always.

  • Rici says:

    I’m so glad I work in an office where I have my own that I can close the door too because as I read this I’m sobbing. Tears of joy and thankfulness that Getty is a trooper and you guys are amazing.
    Give Getty a hug from Teagan and I!

    Rici & Teagan

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