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Watch Out Beethoven…..Here Comes Getty!

From Kate:

Mark and I had seen what great capabilities the ipad has for SMA kids. Since Getty’s muscles are weak, it was difficult for her to manipulate toys. We were growing worried that she may be getting bored or worse, we worried that she was not getting the cognitive stimulation she deserved. We knew we wanted to use some of the money in Getty’s Owl Fund to buy an ipad, so last night I got it. Wow this thing is amazing! We have already downloaded a couple of apps. Two that Getty really likes is the piano and the koi pond. I think at first the water in the koi pond scared her, but after she realized that she can touch the screen to hear the water sound, I think she got the hang of it.

So we videoed her playing the piano and it is so cool. I really wasn’t sure at her age if she understood that her fingers were the reason for playing the keys, but boy she figured it out QUICK. I believe we have a butting Beethoven on our hands. So without further ado……I give you Getty.

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  • ashley says:

    omgosh are her nails painted?! how cute!

  • Jaime Gooden says:

    Yay Getty! Having access to a device like an ipad is so wonderful! I wish they came out two years ago! Be sure to check out Baby Piano….it is a household favorite (and its free) 🙂

  • JoEl Randall says:

    What a nice Christmas present. Your own concert by Miss Getty! Your family really sends out to all of us, the true meaning of Christmas. Your present to all of us, who are following a true LOVE story. You will never know the emotions that your family has stirred up inside all of us. For people like me, who have never met your family, I have grown to love your family, and appreciate my own family even more. For that gift, I thank you. May you have a blessed Holiday Season, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

  • AUNTIE JAMA says:

    Yea Getty ~ you are our little “STAR” in all ways! Those ipads are so wonderful! What a great idea that you thought of it for her! So sorry we couldn’t make it over last Tuesday but with Shellene and Aunt Liz not feeling good we were not taking a chance with you! NO! NO! NO! We will be there soon ~ so anixous to see you. Glad you like your little Gettyowl Bear! Love to all of you from all of us………….

  • Morgan says:

    I am FLOORED she got an iPad. I am so grateful for apple and how their products are being used with SMA babies 🙂 So neat!

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