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Guest Post: Teagan Interviews Getty

From Kate:

Almost 2 months ago, Rici Reid from Teagan Tales, ran a half-marathon in honor of Getty and her sweet friend Sophia. While Rici trained for the run, she obtained donations and those donations ultimately were graciously given to Sophia’s Cure. Since the run, Rici and I have remained in touch and I can say that she has turned into a dear friend. Her dear Teagan just turned 1 and she is such a sweetheart. I asked Rici to be a guest blogger today so you can get to know her and to also read the interview between Teagan and Getty. Thank you so much Rici!

Hi there! I’m Rici, the mommy blogger over at Teagan Tales.  I came across Getty’s blog by what I’d call divine intervention.  I can’t recall how I came to the blog but I can remember that as soon as I poured over the entries and information I felt an instant connection and need to help spread the word about SMA.

Over the last few months I’ve grown very fond of Kate and sweet Getty Owl.  I’ve “introduced” Getty to Teagan and Teagan has developed a sweet fondness for Getty and considers her a new favorite friend.  Basically, Teagan and I have become quite fond of Getty and Kate.  A week or so ago Teagan “asked” if she could interview Getty for our blog and both Kate and I loved the idea so Kate and Mark helped Getty answer Teagan’s questions.  It’s a super sweet friendship that Teagan and Getty are developing and I can’t wait until they meet and watch some cute owl cartoon in their tutus.

The interview was posted on our blog but Kate and Mark asked if we would share it on Getty Owl’s blog as well.

Hi Bloggy world!

I’m Teagan.  The one my mom tends to talk about a LOT on Teagan Tales.  My mom “met” Getty and her family first and introduced me.  Now Getty and I are friends.  My friend Getty has a disease called SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) which is what she is “known” for around the internet.  I don’t really think about that part when I think about my friend.  I think about, well, my friend Getty.  I wanted you all to get to know her too.  So, I asked my mom to type up some of my questions and Getty’s mom and dad helped her answer them.  Neat questions like her favorite color and why she is called Getty “Owl”.  Also some kind of important questions about SMA and what it’s really like. One of these days I hope to get to see Getty in person.  I bet we’ll both be wearing tutus and cuddling up with our stuffed animal owls while watching a funny cartoon together.  Because you see I love owls too.  That might be another reason why we’re such good friends!
Well, I’ll let you read the questions I asked and the answer she gave now.
1) Why do your mommy and daddy call you Getty “Owl”? Because when I was born, mommy thought I had a wise old soul. I didn’t fuss, I didn’t complain, I was happy to be here. Mommy and Daddy taught me how to “hoot” when I was two weeks old and I have been hooting ever since. I have big blue eyes like an owl.
2) What is your favorite color? Blue, like my eyes.
3) How many owls do you have? I have over fifty friend owls in my room. We talk all the time.
4) What is your favorite book? Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes, my mommy reads it to me every night.
5) What is your favorite thing to do with your mommy? We like to talk about all kinds of stuff.
6) What is your favorite thing to do with your daddy? We like to sing together. Daddy sings me songs all the time.
7) What is SMA? It is something I was diagnosed with when I was even smaller than I am now and it keeps my muscles from getting strong. But it also means I get lots of extra special love and attention from my mommy and daddy.
8) How do you eat exactly? Can you taste stuff? I get to eat through a tube in my tummy. Mommy let’s me suck on fruit once in awhile and I like that.
9) How do you take a bath? Mommy and I take baths together. She holds me while I get to move my arms and legs around. I like when mommy moves me back and forth in the water, I feel like I am swimming.
10) What is your “brother” like? Cooper is always around making sure I am safe and happy. He licks my face all the time and it makes me giggle. He also likes to cuddle with me.
11) Do you have a favorite doctor? Dr. Givant, she is silly and she always makes noises with me.
12) Are you scared when you have to go to the hospital? No, not at all. All the doctors give me lots of attention and they take good care of me.
13) What kind of music do you like? I enjoy when mommy and daddy sing to me and I also like Edith Piaf. I don’t know what she is singing about because it is french, but I always sing with her.
14) What do you want people to know about SMA? I want people to know that with enough money for research, it can be cured.  Even though I have SMA, I am a happy girl who loves to live every day right next to my mommy and daddy.

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  • AUNTIE JAMA says:

    WOW! What an amazing interview between new friends! Teagan ~ you did a great job with your questions and our Getty Owl ~your answers were so interesting! This was a wonderful blog to SHARE with all of us – we all learned something NEW about Little Owl! Not surprised about you liking the color blue ~ with those beautiful blue eyes of yours ~ had to be! Thank you mommies & daddy for letting us be a part of this. Love you – Auntie Jama

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