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GETty Crafty is Saturday!!!!

It was brought to my attention last night that GETty Crafty got some free media coverage by the Sacramento News and Review.  On page 30 they posted about our event telling people to come out and buy crafts.  Only, there’s one small problem.  They posted that the event is Sunday.  Here is what I am hoping.  They did post that the evening was this “Sunday, June 11th.”  I’m hoping people will go “wait a minute, the 11th is Saturday?!”  I’m hoping they have seen enough of the other advertising to know it’s a mistake.  I’m hoping they come to this website looking for more information!

So, if you are here from the Sacramento News and Review….thank you!  Please come and check out GETty Crafty on SATURDAY!  I guess if this is the biggest mistake of the show then things have gone pretty well!!

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