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The Power of the iPad

From Kate:

We purchased an iPad back in December of 2010. Our hope was that it could give Getty the opportunity to build some independence for herself and perhaps to give her opportunities to learn in ways that Mark and I might not be able. We use flash cards with her, we read to her, but there was always something lacking. Giving her the ability to explore on her own. Hands down other than important machines Getty needs, the iPad is pretty much right up there with them.

When she is old enough, Getty’s learning environment does broaden. There are a couple of options for eye gaze computers that we are very excited about trying. But for now, the iPad has really been our savor.

So how has the iPad helped Getty. Well simple, it gives her an educational support, helps support as many modalities as she can access, and quite frankly, I think it helps to build her sense of confidence and self.

Getty is physically limited, but she is cognitively on par if not more so as an almost 22 month old. Often times I worry that we may be boring her with the books we read. So we have stepped that category up a notch and are literally reading her 3-6 year old level books. The small peekaboo books are seriously not cutting it. 🙂

To get around the the physical limitations, we use arm slings from that sell both arm slings and leg slings. These slings have become such a support for Getty. In order to access the iPad effectively, she is placed in the armslings for comfort and for access.

I know the iPad has helped many people with physical challenges in life. I also know that, well the iPad isn’t cheap either. We were lucky to have enough money stored away at the time to buy Getty one.

Right after we bought it and we were blown away by the capabilities, we wrote a letter to apple. The short story was, “dude you have a great product that can open so many doors for our SMA kiddos, could you give a discount to children affected by SMA?” Well I didn’t exactly say that, but you get the idea. We received a nice letter back stating that the iPad was not considered an educational item for learning. REALLY? I was a bit dumbfounded, but at the time we just left it at that. Getty was just about to be scheduled for her g-tube placement surgery and well it just wasn’t worth our time at that moment. But now I am starting to wonder. And now I am starting to get a little antsy, I kind of want a better response and justification on how this incredible tool is not considered an educational tool. Maybe someone reading this could enlighten me. Maybe someone reading works for apple and could contact me so we can get the ball rolling to help more incredible kids have access. 🙂

So here for your viewing please is our amazing daughter, Getty using her iPad.

In my opinion, I think she is learning and using applications of:

-Cause and Effect

-Identification of symbols, animals, numbers, letters, colors, sounds.

-Gross motor skills

-Sentence structure

-Verbal communication

Just to name a few………so maybe I will write another letter. 🙂


I apologize in advance for my commentary. You can just mute the videos if you like. 🙂



This one is just a cute one. Richie fell asleep on Getty’s belly while she was on her iPad.




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  • Wiley says:

    That is absolutely amazing and awesome. And definitely educational and door-opening from the videos.

  • Tracy says:

    This is great!!! I’ve been trying to get one for my students in my classroom!!! She’s amazing!! We love, but still have to help a little to move on to the next “page”. Thanks for sharing and I hope you get somewhere with the Apple folks!

  • Katie says:

    I love the piano playing and her little smile. She seems so proud of herself which she should be. xxoo

  • Brandi says:

    Have you tried go in I tune and they have more learning tools apps for Ipad ?

    • gettyadmin says:

      iTunes has tons of learning apps, you are so right. I love scrolling through to see what new app we can find for Getty to take advantage of.

  • cath young says:

    Yes, the Ipad is a powerful tool for teaching and more importantly for communication. There are movements in the disability communities to bring this remarkable instrument into wide use. The website,, for one has made it a mission to get ipads to those children who need them. I believe the Gwendolen Strong foundation which is a SMA group is active in these efforts.

    There are applications for the IPad to make it very useful to those challenged in the communication skills. Hopefully, schools and other agencies will assist those families who cannot afford to get one of these devices, and have a child for whom communciation is very difficult with out it. Right now, they are being given out as charitable gifts to such children.

    • gettyadmin says:

      Thank you for the site, I will check out that blog later today. And yes, GSF I think is currently gifting iPads to SMA kids, which is such a great opportunity. We hope in the future to be able to do the same. It would be a terrific feeling to open up another child’s world like it has for Getty.

  • Rachel says:

    Did you see this story today?

    It’s about how Apple is trying to replace textbooks with iPads. Seems educational-focused to me.

  • Meghan says:

    I love watching these and seeing Getty pop the hearts! So great. But I have to admit that Richie is capturing my heart, doesn’t leave Getty’s side!

  • Ashley says:

    LOVE the videos – seems like Getty is enjoying her iPad! My daughter loves Peek a Boo Wild too – I instantly recognized those funny sounds! 🙂

  • Evelyn & Evin Stump says:

    Precious Getty, 22 months old today, Hoot, Hoot! We really enjoyed your latest videos and pix. We are amazed at how well you are adapting to all of your activities. The smile on your face is so enchanting. Your Mommy & Daddy have well. Hoot, hoot.

    Love, Grandma Evelyn & Grandpa Evin in Temecula

  • Carolyn says:

    This is amazing. The iPad certainly is a wonderful device. It is so nice to see Getty enjoying it so much! 🙂

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