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For the locals!!!

This one is for those that live or visit Sacramento, CA!

Two gifts cards for some amazing locations in town.  First, have a wonderful meal at  Paragary’s Bary and Oven with a $30 gift card and then do a little shopping at University Art with a $25 gift card!

Leave a comment letting us know if you’ve ever been to either of these locations!  Deadline to enter is March 26th at 11pm PST.

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  • Allison says:

    I haven’t been to either location but I have heard great things about Paragary’s!

    Happy Birthday Getty Girl! Hope you have lots of fun today!

  • Jana says:

    I haven’t been to either one but I would love to! I hope Getty is having an amazing birthday!

  • Stephanie Murrow says:

    Haven’t been to either, but they look amazing! I have seen University Art, but never gone in. I could do some serious damage there. 🙂 Love the grid, though!

  • Chris Valle says:

    I have not been to either location so would definitely be a treat. Thank you Getty for the opportunity to win!

  • Jennifer Webster says:

    Happy Birthday beautiful girl!!!! I had the pleasure of vending at the event in the park last year.
    Ps. How do we enter the contest?

    • gettyadmin says:

      Each item we are giving away you have to leave a comment on and we will randomly select. The grand prize requires a video be submitted in order to be entered.

  • Linda Adams says:

    Been to Paragary’s and enjoyed it… have not been to University Art but since I am artsy-fartsy, sure I would love it. Visit Sacto regulary.

  • Melissa Booth says:

    Love Paragary’s but haven’t been in YEARS!!
    Have never been to University Art.
    What a great prize!

  • Denise Lamora says:

    I have been to Paragary’s! Great place! My husband would love the University Art certificate. Hope Getty’s day has been incredible.

  • Gail George says:

    Paragary’s has such delicious food! Have not been to University Art.

  • KristaMB says:

    I may have been to Paragary’s years ago for a wedding rehearsal dinner. Would love to go again (or for the first time?).

  • Kim Saunders says:

    Haven’t been to either place but love finding new things so this would be fun!

  • Kalynn says:

    I have an Art Degree from Sac State and I have been to University Art many a time! I love to shop there!

  • Kelly G says:

    I think the last (and only) time I was at Paragary’s was for my best friend’s high school graduation dinner with her family. It’s been a *few* years. Happy Birthday, Getty!!

  • I heart University Art. I haven’t been in a few years but would love to win so I could go!

    Happy Birthday, Little Miss Getty.

  • Jill says:

    Yummy! And the other is a fabulous place for art supplies!

  • Crystal Shatara says:

    I have never been to either one, but I have heard great things about paragary’s and would love some art for my spare room!

  • Susan says:

    My good friend lives in Sacto and would put these to good use – I haven’t been there personally.

  • Logan says:

    I have not been there, my family would love this!!

  • MommaTrumble says:

    Now this would be great for a little mom & dad time! <3 Happy Birthday, Getty!

  • Christina Elias says:

    I have to been to both places. Great Downtown Sac locations to shop and eat. Would be fun to use them. Happy 2nd Birthday Getty!! Hope it was wonderful.

  • Shannon Leach says:

    Paragary’s is a wonderful place to have a date night. Love the back patio…BUT…the best thing I like about Paragary’s is their AMAZING homemade vanilla ice cream. (Which a special birthday girl like Getty would love. : ) As for University Art…what is not to love about that store. My son and I could spend hours there. They are the only place around that sells these special drawing pens I like.

  • Lacey says:

    University Art is one of my bff’s favs…so I’ll give it to her. I have not been to Paragary’s, but I bet my huz would love to go for a date.

  • Katie says:

    I haven’t been to either place but would love to check them out!

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