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Bow and Holder

Does your little girl love bows and need a place to store them?  This adorable Minnie Mouse clip holder from Katie will do just the trick!

Just in case she doesn’t have enough bows, this adorable owl bow from Holli’s Blossoms will be the perfect addition to her collection!

Leave a comment letting us know how many bows your little girl has in order to win this item.  Deadline to enter is March 26th at 11pm PST.

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  • Char Allen says:

    Adorable! We have just a few very special sets of bows.

  • Alicia Reed says:

    Abrianna has 127 bows. Happy birthday Getty!

  • My daughter Madisyn is almost 4 years old and has ton of clippies and hair ties. She would love this and be able to keep most of them in one place. Happy Birthday Getty!

  • Amanda woodard says:

    Maddie would love this!!!!

  • Jenn Lozina says:

    Little Emily would love this, she just started wearing bows. Her little collection is growing, she has about 30 clps.

  • Ally has hundreds of hair bows we are constantly trying to organize. This would be perfect. Happy 2nd Birthday Getty!!!

    Love and HUGS from Chicago,
    Ally Krajewski and Family

  • Sarah says:

    Love this! We had a Minnie Mouse themed 2nd B Day for my daughter in January!
    We love Minnie in the house as mych as we love Pels( that was her 1stB Day theme!!!)
    Happy Birthday to beautiful Getty from Connecticut!

  • Kalynn says:

    Kelsea has 8 bows, but she doesn’t have an owl bow.I think I have to buy at least one from Holli’s Blossoms. Way Cute!!

  • Amy E says:

    Lily has 10 or so bows but has never been able to wear them until recently (not enough hair!). This would be a great way to organize them!

  • Jill says:

    I’m embarrassed to count them all. We have a girly girl too and she loves her bows and felt hair clips. 🙂 Happy 2nd Birthday Miss Getty! 🙂

  • Leah m says:

    Love this!! Happy bday girly!!

  • MommaTrumble says:

    Awesome design! Sydney just got some fancy hair clips that her gramma just brought back for her from Hawaii and I was having a hard time figuring out how we can store them, because their so delicate they have to had separate from her large hair clip bin so they don’t get damaged. This is so perfect for them! Happy Birthday, Getty girl, I’m sure you have all sorts of cool innovative hair clip storage, you have a fantastic collection, from what I see in your pictures! :*D

  • Megan Frederick says:

    Axxie has around 40 bows all currently shoved in a bin, but she has never owned a pretty owl bow! It would match really well with her owl hand-me-downs from lil miss Getty<3 Happy 2nd bday Getty!!!
    Love, Axlynn Frederick:)

  • Kari Vondrak says:

    Happy Birthday Getty!!! Between my 3 girls we have plenty of bows and clippies… the girls would love to have them stored where then can chose their own in the mornings.

  • Kennedy has about 100 bows. 🙂

  • Alli has about 30 and this would be great because right now they are hanging on a piece of ribbon tacked to the wall!!!

  • OMG we have TOO MANY BOWS TO COUNT! Between Couture to Cure SMA clippies, the clippies I made and Bebessential clippies… whoa too many! We need a place to organize Piper’s hair clippies!

  • Gail George says:

    I don’t know how many bows my granddaughter has. Some are at my house and some at her mom’s. These are so cute!

  • Kim Saunders says:

    Axxie is my beautiful grandbaby and she has some bows and clips but this owl one is so cute and unique!! I don’t believe she has a cute bow/clip holder and just puts them in a bin.

  • Jessica Stoop says:

    Could these get any cuter! Would love my ali to have this, and wear this in celebration of miss Getty.

  • Kelly G says:

    Let’s guess that Aravella and Corrina have about 10 bows. I think the holder would go well to organize and display them. I think they would also LOVE the cute owl bow. Happy Birthday, Getty!

  • Lisa Dorfman says:

    Love this! Even though my daughter hates bows or anything in her hair, she still has tons of clips and this is a great idea. Happy birthday big girl! And many many more!

  • Brandy D Shifflett says:

    Emma has at least 20.

  • Dannete Lyden says:

    Aubrey’s favorite show was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! She had about 20 bows and i hope to have another baby soon to use them for 🙂

  • I don’t have a little girl but I wear bows and colorful hair clip! I have half a dozen in my small collection.

  • Jen B says:

    She has about 15…and she is only 3 months old. I like to make them for her.

  • Beth Bohannan says:

    dont have any kids of my own but my friends daughter maddie would love this!

  • Donna Gagnon says:

    What a great idea for organization! Better than digging through the bathroom drawer hoping to find a hair clip!

  • Rachel says:

    I think about 8. They’re all her favorite!

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