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Let’s get this party started!!!!

Welcome to Getty’s 2nd Birthday Virtual Celebration!  A party in which you get all the gifts!  We are so excited that you are here to celebrate that we are going to go ahead and just kick things off with the GRAND Prize.

Well, sort of.  Let me first start by saying that today, there are over 30 items being given away.  So many that a party we thought would go until 12 hours is now going all the way until 3am!  So many that we had to group items together so most of the time you are going to potentially win multiple things!

Without further ado

The Kindle Fire.  Our grand prize today.  Here’s how you can get your hands on this beautiful book reader and tablet.  You need to make a video.  I know that makes some of you get sweaty palms, but you don’t even have to be IN the video.  The video needs to consist of your favorite children’s book being read to Getty.  What’s a party for Getty without her getting something out of it as well!  Here’s an example of my video for Getty.

So, you read the book in any way you see fit and then you give it to us.  You can post it on YouTube, you can post it on Facebook or you can email it to  Once you have done that you have to leave a comment on this post!  In that comment give us the link where you uploaded or let us know that you emailed it to us.  Voila…you are entered!  You have until 11pm on Monday night to enter all of our giveaways.

Happy partying and see you in an hour!!


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