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Happy Birthday, Mama Bear!

From Mark:

Today is Kate’s birthday!

When I go to work all week, it is Kate who gets Getty up in the morning, gets her ready for the day, makes her food, watches and cares for her, interacts with her through the day, gets her teachers here and all going in the right direction, calls and emails health care providers, takes Getty to her power chair trials, gets her a nap, and so much of the wonderful things that really make Getty thrive.

She’s also Getty’s mama bear. She knows when the nice approach fails, when ignorance and incompetence mounts, and Getty’s health and well being is at issue, someone will be mauled –


I am so grateful every day that Getty is healthy and smiling. Getting and maintaining that is not an easy task. The sheer work, sweat, and tears that go into making Getty wonderfully healthy is amazing.

Kate is taking respite for her birthday –


Meanwhile, I took Getty on a dinner date out on the town. We had a great time!¬†At the restaurant, a 5 year old girl and her mom approached to say hi to Getty and ask innocently why she was wearing a mask. I explained it is because her muscles don’t work well and she needs some help to take deep breaths. It was a very brief hello, but I could see Getty was enjoying it, and Getty cried when the girl walked away — adorned with a new Getty Owl bracelet, of course. ;).

It was a lovely night out for the two of us, and I took some pictures, below. Behind Getty’s smiling face, though, is the Mama Bear who makes it all possible.



Getty & Dad - Night Owls

Getty & Dad – Night Owls


Getty on the Town

Getty on the Town


Loves the bumps

Loves the bumps

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  • Morgan says:

    Mark, you blow me away as a dad. You and Kate make the best team Getty could ask for. Love the post. Happy Birthday Kate! Getty is truly in the best hands <3

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