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Happy Mother’s Day

From Mark:

I want to give a shout out to all moms. You care for, love, and protect your little ones with all your hearts.

I give a hearty shout out to all moms of special needs kiddos and especially SMA moms. You are loving warriors, tender and caring toward your babies and mama bears to anyone who dares come between your child and his or her needs.

We try to give people here a little window into this life. There’s no shortage of hardships and sweet victories along the way. The things shared here are snapshots though. They are telling, but so much of what it means to be an SMA mom can never be adequately relayed.

The depth and breadth of love SMA moms breathe into our kiddos is stunning and immeasurable. The amount of will and fight of SMA moms knows no bounds when such a medically fragile child depends on you for just about EVERYTHING.

SMA dads are awesome as well, but the bond of SMA mom and kiddo is somehow uniquely magic.

I offer big hugs and appreciation for all the SMA moms, special needs moms, and moms in general. Thank you for your special kind of love.

I appreciate every hoot, coo, and smile Getty makes. I appreciate all the hard work and exhaustion that enables her to be so happy and fulfilled every day. I appreciate that I am able to spend a full day away at work with the peace of mind that Getty is loved and couldn’t be in better hands.



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