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Update: Thank you to all of our incredible supporters of our annual Getty Owl Run/Walk.

From Kate:  I would like to thank everyone who has sent such incredibly sweet messages lately about what the Getty Owl Run/Walk has meant to you. I had planned on posting something sooner, but holiday break happened and then Getty’s 6th treatment of Spinraza was in January and time just isn’t slowing down at all for us. Which is an amazing blessing.  I blogged about the bittersweet decision I made about the Getty Owl Run/Walk a few months ago. While it was a difficult decision to make, I am realizing how thankful I am to myself for sticking to my guns on the decision to no longer host the event. I simply do not have the same amount of time to balance both Getty’s care and organizing the annual event.  For those interested, here is the blog post for the entire story. Since the announcement I have received such incredibly sweet messages of gratitude. Pictures and comments of entire families, first time runners/walkers, and even brand new babies, who came out every single year to help Getty Owl Foundation raise funds to help support families affected by SMA. We thank everyone who participated and helped us raise funds to make a difference. While Getty Owl Foundation will continue to help support families and raise awareness for SMA, our annual event will not longer be around.  Take care and please continue to send the emails and memorable pictures. They really are a comfort and help me realize what the event meant to you.     
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