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Honoring SMA Moms Giveaway!

From Kate: Every year around this time I think about SMA moms. We are all over the world and we all have so many things in common. I have had the pleasure of meeting some moms in our SMA community this past year who have really rejuvenated my spirit. While we come from different backgrounds, cities, and experiences, we all seem to be cut from the same cloth. There are unspoken words that can simply be translated with a smile, a look, and/or a hug. We get it. I guess that is the best way I can explain it. We just get it. Every year my little brain starts to brainstorm about how our foundation could in some way honor our SMA moms. And then life gets busier than it already is and I put plans on the back burner for the following year. Well this year we are doing it!!!!!  The idea became apparent to me about a year ago. One thing I would like to say about our community is that there are some incredibly resourceful and creative individuals out there in SMA Land. 🙂  One such amazing SMA mom and talented cookie master is Kayla, who is mom to one of Getty’s buddies. Kayla makes incredible cookies. Here is a peek.  Amazing right? I know, she is so talented. Almost too good to eat…..almost.  So this year I wanted to do something special for 10 SMA moms this Mother’s Day. I would like to gift 10 SMA moms, one dozen of Kayla’s cookies. Here is a peek of the beautiful Mother’s Day cookies.  I would like to do this giveaway by nomination. Anyone can nominate their special SMA Mom. From the entries I will randomly choose the 10 recipients.    Here is what I would love to get from all the submitting nominations:  -A picture of the nominated SMA mom.  -A brief explanation of their awesomeness.    Here are the details: -Submissions send to  -Deadline is May 7th at 4pm. -Giveaway recipients will be announced May 8th!    Thanks for participating!         
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  • MJ Purk says:

    Beautiful idea and scrumptious cookies combined? Hip, Hipp, Hooray! Can an SMA Angel mom be nominated or is this only for moms whose SMA affected child is still living?

    • gettyadmin says:

      Thank you so much for asking. All moms are loved and embraced, regardless of circumstance. I hope that helps. I don’t want any SMA mom to ever feel left out, we are all welcome.

  • Gail Hatchard says:

    Must the entrants be from the USA or can they be Canadian?

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