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From Kate:  We cannot control our excited in hearing the amazing news of how successful Bucks for Kids was on Sept. 29th at area Dutch Bros. Coffee. In order for this exeunt to be successful, we start at the top. Thank you to the Grubbs family and your incredible staff. Every single year you have been kind enough to choose Getty Owl Foundation, we are always so appreciative of your gracious offer. The day is always a celebration and it starts from you as a family. thank you so very much for keeping Getty in your hearts and understanding how SMA affects so many families. Thank you for giving us a chance to continue to support those in need. Love you guys!  I hope everyone in the area understands how Dutch Bros. Coffee affects people all around the region. Yes, they sell awesome drinks, but thankfully they also offer a commitment to their community. They see a need and they act with such generosity. Thank you Dutch Bros. Coffee, the Grubbs family, the incredibly awesome staff, your customers that makes all of this possible. You ALL helped to make Bucks for Kids an absolute success! 

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