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UPDATE: 18+ Reasons to Celebrate the Holidays

From Kate:

Getty Owl Foundation’s annual giveaway has always been a time for us, as a foundation to celebrate. We are so fortunate to be able to support the SMA community in ways that we know make a difference. It is so humbling when we get to work with local and national businesses, foundations, and families. Raising funds is hard work and making connections is also a time consuming feat. We love it, we are passionate about it, and it has truly been a rewarding experience.

I am here to announce that our giveaway has been “upped”. Thanks to The Hope and Light Foundation and their continued commitment to the SMA community, we now have the ability to give more.

18+ Reasons to Celebrate the Holidays Details:

We will NOW be giving away (18) 7th generation iPads. In addition to the iPad, the giveaway will include a iPad case. We are also adding a $25 apple gift card.

We will also be giving away (8) AbleNet Powerlink 4. We will also be adding a $50 visa gift card to put towards a switch to access the Powerlink 4.


Happy Holidays!

From Kate,

Well the holidays are seriously upon us and I wanted to get our Getty Owl Foundation’s Giveaway, underway before it got crazy busy. Before I roll it out I wanted to take a second and mention how proud I am of our foundation’s, almost 10 year commitment to our SMA community. To date, we have gifted over 60 iPads to our community. I am normally not very comfortable touting such a statistic, but man, I am so proud of this!

Technology is the key to bridging the gap between communication, education and socialization. Getty has been positively reaping the benefits of technology since she was just months old. We are just so thankful to have a platform to support our community.

This year is no different AND we will be adding a terrific new opportunity for this year’s giveaway.

While iPads are great opportunities for access, so are many items that help SMA kids gather another level of independence. The company, AbleNet has a great item called a Powerlink 4. This item works with regular devices like blenders, lights, tv, etc. that normally be turned on and off. With the help of the Powerlink 4 and an access switch can give our SMA kiddos some really incredible independence. So we want to give a few away as well. Check out this LINK to learn more.

Before we get to the details, it is very important to establish how incredibly important it is to thank all of our donors who have helped make this giveaway possible. In particular, I would like to thank Henderson Construction Fabrics Inc. and Dutch Bros. Coffee Sacramento for their generosity. You make a difference for so many in our SMA community, thank you so very much!

Alright, let’s get to the details and get this giveaway underway!

14 + Reasons to Celebrate the Holidays Details:

We will be giving away (14) 7th generation iPads. In addition to the iPad, the giveaway will include a iPad case.

We will also be giving away (4) AbleNet Powerlink 4.

Alright how do you enter?

Super simple, just email us at

Needed info:


Child’s name, type, age


Phone Number

Lastly, ONE ENTRY per child. You can enter for BOTH an iPad and the Powerlink 4, HOWEVER you can only win either an iPad or a Powerlink 4 (you cannot win both). Recipients will be chosen randomly.

Alright let’s DO THIS!


NOW———–Friday, December 13th @ 5pm PST.

Recipients announced Saturday, December 14th @ 12noon PST.

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  • Nikki Miller says:

    You guys are amazing!! Congratulations on 10 years!!

  • Tierney McKown says:

    I pad Tierney’s quit holding a charge about 8 months ago.

    We were granted one once, but declined gift because we

    Because I bought her one with help from

    Family. Please consider Tierney, it would be a huge surprise for Christmas.

  • J Huette says:

    Your organization is so kind and compassionate to do these give-always to kids with SMA. Thank you

  • Miki Knowles says:

    You guys have such huge hearts and thank you for finding such great sponsors.

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