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Make it Through

From Kate:

We wanted to share an absolutely beautiful song that was written and sung by Robbie Rosen. “Make it Through” is a fitting tribute to a little princess, Miss Sophia, who shares the same SMA Type I diagnosis as Getty. Her family is such an inspiration to Mark and me. We continue to lean on them for advice and strength.

We encourage you to watch it and share with others.

Thank you to Vincent and Catherine Gaynor for incorporating other sweet babies and their angels in the video.

Here is a link to their Sophia’s Cure Foundation in honor of their sweet Sophia:

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  • Rk says:

    Beautiful song – thank you for sharing.

  • Takoa says:

    Absolutely the sweetest! The powerful love of parents, the inspiring united front of the SMA community, and your angelic children as your muse….I am MOVED
    Getty~you continue to remind me that even though the journey is always changing, we need to look at all the beauty and continue to smile through it
    I love you!

  • JoEl Randall says:

    What a beautiful tribute! Thanks again for letting all of us follow along with your family. We are learning so much about SMA. I have to admit, I had never heard of it before. By doing this, you are educating so many people, and getting the word out about this awful disease. We continue to keep your family, and now, all the other SMA families in our thoughts and prayers.

  • Leslie Stumpf says:

    Hi Getty, Kate and Mark,

    That was such a great video to watch – We got some “Getty Gear” a week ago and it was delivered yesterday – Cafe Press does an excellent job! Sarah and Rachel wore their “Team Getty” shirts to school today and I “stole” John’s Team Getty cap and wore it on my walk today. We think about you and are with you in your journery.

    Hoot, Hoot Little Owl!!


    The Stumpfs

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