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Being Discharged Today!

From Mark:

Getty is going home today!

Her home bipap is on order and isn’t available yet. So, she is going home to get out of the hospital germ pool.

Getty is telling us she has had just about enough of the hospital experience. She wants to go home, get some rest in her own bed, snuggle with her family, and see her big brother, Cooper.

He misses his little sister.

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  • Char says:

    I have been following Getty’s story for a month or so now. Every time I read of her amazing strength it brings a smile to my face. For anyone, especially an innocent baby, to go through what she is and be so happy is just a miracle! I wish your family all the best and look forward to reading more about Getty.

  • Eileen Grega says:

    Well done little owl! Go home and have fun! Take care of mommy and daddy!

  • AUNTIE JAMA says:

    WOW!!!! YES, YES, YES! Talked to grammy this morning and she said you weren’t coming home for a few more days!!! So happy it has changed & very soon Gettyowl, mommy & daddy & Cooper will be all cuddled down together!! Well done baby girl ~ so proud of you! “HOOT HOOT” to all of you. We love you very much and have a GREAT TIME!

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