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The Bracelets Are In!

From Kate:

We are very excited to announce that the official Team Getty bracelets are here!!! Our goal with these bracelets is to help raise awareness of SMA and Getty’s Story. We hope you wear them proudly and can offer a stranger asking, “Who is Getty?” you can respond with the same kind of passion we do about Getty and SMA and  how we all need to join and fight this disease together.

Thank you so very much!

We are asking for donations of $3 for each bracelet. Go to paypal and indicate how many bracelets you would like and we will send them out to you asap.

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  • AUNTIE JAMA says:

    WOW!! Those are great…..we will wear them with pride. Love the color, Getty – match those beautiful blue eyes!!! We will need at least 15 for all of us up here!! I’ll get my order placed. Happy New Years to all of you!! This will be the year we will “STAND UNITED FOR OUR GETTYOWL”! Love all of you & you are in our thoughts ALWAYS!

  • Evin & Evelyn Stump says:

    Grandma Evelyn and Grandpa Evin want to wish you a happy New Year, Getty. Our prayers are with you, precious babe.

    Love, E + E

  • Angela says:

    I wish I could buy a million of them. xo.

  • Ray & Bruce says:

    Hi Mark, Kate and Getty,

    Please send me the link for the bracelets, I am trying to get an exact number together for the “Team Getty” Seattle Chapter. We’re going to need at least 10!

    • gettyowl says:

      Ray & Bruce thank you! You can just go to the paypal button and make the donation and just let us know how many you would like and I will get them in the mail to you guys. Thank you so much! Seattle Chapter, oh we love it! Kate, Getty & Mark

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  • linda & familia says:

    Hello Storm familia! Sending all our love from Texas! We will wear our bracelets with heart, passion, and with knowing that miracles do happen.
    love you all,
    Linda & familia

    from our corazon to yours!

  • gettyowl says:

    Love you, Linda! HUGS!

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