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Simply Overwhelmed!

From Kate:

These past few days have been incredibly surreal. Knowing that Sweet Water Child~Lullabies for Getty was coming out on Tuesday, I really had to emotionally gear up. Acknowledging that people were going to buy it and bring it home to their families was such a wonderful feeling. I was hoping that everyone would embrace the album as much as we do, and I get the feeling it is. I will admit though, there is a track that is difficult for me and perhaps it always will. Heart of Trust is a doozie!

Emotional indeed, the words whip me up in a weepy tornado. I often look into Getty’s eyes and she responds with such loving eyes, perhaps in her way of telling me that she trusts me and the care I give her. Oh man I can’t tell you how wonderful of a feelings that is. And Alex in his talented storytelling ways had the ability to put that into words. So let’s just say I listen to that track when I am feeling super confident. 🙂

Ultimatley the album is just gorgeous, can I use that word to describe an album? Well I am now! Continued smoochies to Alex and Angela Dezen for such an amazing album!

I looked the other day at the iTunes page and found that it was not only #7 on the Children’s Chart but it was doing better than, and I am going to whisper this because if Getty’s hears, she may get upset. (In a whisper voice) Lullabies for Getty is beating Yo Gabba Gabba. I know right? Awesomeness! Sorry DJ Lance Rock. 🙁

I am really new to the blogging world. Stacey has helped me greatly in understanding how powerful the written word is and also what incredible opportunities can come when bloggers support a cause. I would like to list for you now every blogger that helped promote the album. Whether it was a wonderful post, showing an album badge on their site, a supportive tweet, hosting some album giveaways, everything has made a difference.  In no particular order but in the same breath I am giving you all the same amount of squeezes and kisses.

The Damnwells

the 818

… Maegan

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The Bloggess

Smonk you

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Jessica Gottlieb

Savvy Sassy Moms

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Sophia’s Cure

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The Anderson Crew

Missy Ballance


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Letters To Hannah

Beak Tweets

My Lemonade Stand

Fancy and Friends

Linz Loves You

Gwendolyn Strong Foundation

Fifth Floor Up

Working 4 the Weekend

Katy Loves

The Mom Diggity

Willow Crow

Uff Da Designs Emily will be donating 100% of the sales to the Getty Owl Foundation until April 10th

Isn’t this incredible? I have a feeling I missed some kind blogger and I apologize. If I find out that I missed some, I will acknowledge them as soon as I can.

Let me explain to you how important this is to me that you posted about the album, about Getty, and about SMA. As the last few days have unfolded, I have had a chance to see where people are going when they come to our GettyOwl blog. Yes, people naturally spend most of their time on the home page and learn about the album. But let me also tell where the 2nd most hits were coming from. “What is SMA?” , just typing that is making me cry with happiness. On Tuesday alone there were over 2,000 hits on that link. That is perhaps 2,000 more people that will learn about this horrible disease. That is possibly 2,000 more people that will then go and teach others about the disease. I don’t want anymore families to be crushed by this disease and diagnosis and all of you wonderful bloggers are possibly helping to minimize that, so thank you!

I can’t thank you all enough for helping spread awareness. That is priceless! You have a far greater reach with your  audience than our little family could have ever done on our own. We are entirely grateful.

I am also aware that a lot of bloggers brought their readers with them and I want to welcome all of you to our family. I hope you stay and follow our journey. I hope you learn from our experiences. Some terrific and perhaps some scary but what I hope you also take away is that my family is really no different from most families. We love life, we love our daughter, and we certainly don’t take life for granted…………………………………………….. anymore. And we want what all SMA families want, a cure!

So I want to do a giveaway, I am so giddy about this! I want to give away five copies of Sweet Water Child~Lullabies for Getty! Okay so how do you win a copy?

Here are the options:

Please leave a comment on the blog.

~For more entries you can do the following:

-Post about it on Twitter and leave another comment letting me know you have done so.

-Post about it on Facebook and leave another comment letting me know you have done so.

-“Like” Lullabies for Getty on Twitter and leave me comment letting me know you have done so.

-“Like” Lullabies for Getty on Facebook and leave a comment letting me know you have done so.

So you really have 5 chances to enter to win a copy of an amazing album!

I will be using the Random Number Generator to choose the winners on Monday, April 11th.

Can’t wait to give these away!!!!!!

So here’s to Friday, hope it finds everyone well and fulfilled.

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