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Auction Day 4!

From Kate,

Well here was are, day 4 and there is still so much awesome art to bid on. Just to review I have listed all the pieces so far and how much the went for. I am still in awe of theses numbers, thank you everyone!

Auction Items Sold:

Abstract Minnie: $102.00

Blizzard: $50.00

Desert Flowers: $51.00

Gallant Strength: $50.00

Nest of Life: $75.00

Butterflies in Flight: $76.00

For those that are checking out the auction items, I thank you in advance. I do need to apologize though. If you are ever frustrated about the actual picture taken on the item, you can gear those frustrations towards me. 🙂 I take terrible pictures. But my guess is that when you actually buy it and get the artwork in the mail, you will be pleasantly surprised that it is even more beautiful in person. 🙂

Our seventh item up for bids comes from Dawn, whose an awesome mommy to Aiden AKA, Biggie. This mixed media artwork has beautiful decoupaged rainbow butterflies. It would be a beautiful addition to any dorm room, children’s room, or butterfly enthusiast.  The dimensions are 21x17x1.5. We named it Rainbow Flight.

The eighth piece up for auction come from an amazing family. The Burks are one of a kind and they have a one of a kind little boy named Jadon, AKA “Bug”. His dad Tony made two very special pieces for the art auction. Let me show the one that has already sold.

I know right? It simply blew my mind when we opened the box to reveal such a special item. It is all wood and hand-painted. This is where the story gets even better. It was sold at the SMA Art Auction on August 13th. A dear friend purchased it and then regifted it back to Miss Getty. My heart is just thumping with happiness. The piece was named Getty Rocks and that is exactly what Getty will be doing with her very own guitar.

Notice I said two pieces. Tony also made a very special piece entitled HERO. I want to read the inscription on the back because it says it all.

” All SMA Kiddos are heroes for the way they smile at life despite what they must endure.”

I couldn’t agree more. This one of kind wood carving is painted in blue with beautiful footprints of Jadon feet. 🙂 This would be an amazing piece for any nursery, a motivational piece of art for any office, or kids room.

Our eighth piece is called HERO.

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