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Taming the Shrew! One Night Only! To Benefit Getty Owl Foundation

From Kate:

This Thursday night at my beloved San Juan High School, Shakespeare’s Taming the Shrew will be playing for ONE NIGHT ONLY.

Cindy Davis, an amazing math teacher at SJHS that I have had the pleasure of working with for the past 10 years, is in the role of Kate.

Having just concluded their successful run at Carvalho Winery, the cast is back to do one more very special performance for the public with some proceeds going to Getty Owl Foundation.

Here is a recent online review of the play,

“While all the leading roles were done well,  and because Delta News and Review is an online publication that our readers like their news abbreviated, I cannot review all the roles. Cynthia Davis was an excellent “Kate” as her leading man Mark Cornfield “Petruchio” commanded the stage as well as I have seen for that role before.
Kieth Letl as Petruccio’s servant provided hysterical physical comedic relief and that’s saying something  in a comedy!
But Amelia Silbert-Geiger as “Bianca” caught my attention with a special dramatic passion her role was able to give her the room to work with both the drama and comedy together. She was in “the Zone.” I could tell that she was totally immersed into the spirit of Will and his character Bianca. Her facial expressions were connected to the passion and while seeming naturally comfortable and relaxed, her intensity and grasp of response to her line cues and stage direction was first rate and she sold it like a pro, and I hope to see her do another role outside of Shakespeare even though she wears it so well.”

So perhaps that convinced you that this is a play to come see THIS Thursday!

Here are the details:

Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew

San Juan High School’s Auditorium  7551 Greenback Lane, Citrus Heights, 95610

Thursday September 8th—ONE NIGHT ONLY!!!!

Starts at 7:00-9:30pm

$10 Adults; $5 Student/Seniors, tickets are sold at the door.

If you would like more details, please check out their facebook event page here.

We hope you can come to this very special night. We thank the cast for their support of our fight against SMA. We appreciate your generosity.

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Getty’s Big Sissy!

From Kate:

I hope everyone enjoys a very relaxing Labor Day Weekend. Drive safe, stay safe, and enjoy a little BBQ.

There is a very special lady that will be running for Getty and all children with SMA  in Anaheim, California. She will be running in the Disney Half-Marathon  this Sunday, tomorrow!

Ever since our first photo shoot with Morgan, we knew she was a very special person. She was able to capture our little 3 month old piece of wonderful in such a way that really captured her spirit. Morgan was so gentle with Getty and how could we have known that at that photo shoot that life would take such a drastic change only two weeks after these pictures.

After diagnosis, Morgan honored us with a frantic photo shoot as a family. The diagnosis was so dire that we literally had no idea how much time we had left with Getty. Looking back on this time, it was so sad but at the same time so wrong to put a family through that kind of trauma. Now we know that lots of kids live much longer than the statistics give them, Getty is definitely a testament to that, however at the time we had no idea. Morgan captured that day as well.

That day Morgan became a member of the family. She will go on to capture all of Getty’s milestones of months and celebrations. Her ability to capture a moment in time has really given us some beautiful lasting memories of our family. So that day she became Getty’s Big Sissy!

Getty and Morgan have such a special relationship. Getty always has a sense of calm when Morgan is here. They chat between each other like sibling code and mom and dad don’t understand. 🙂

We asked Morgan to be a Director of Getty Owl Foundation back in February. We knew immediately that her passion for Getty and all kids with SMA was in her soul. We knew that she would be an incredible asset to our team.

Morgan started the Team Getty Runners back in January 2011. The mission is to get as many Team Getty Runners to run the CIM on December 4th, 2011. So far Morgan and the runners have raised over $1,000 on Crowdrise. Her relentless motivation to raise money for SMA research is so inspiring.

Okay before you look at this next one, let me explain. 🙂 As the half marathon was getting closer, Morgan was putting her racing outfit together. The ultimate outfit was to be in full Ariel regalia, but in order to get there, she solicited donations for the foundation. We are so proud to say that she raised enough money to be a complete Ariel at the run. This is just one piece of the ensemble. 🙂 How fun and so committed! 🙂

So as we speak, Morgan is driving to Anaheim from Sacramento to run 13.1 miles to fight SMA. Morgan we are proud of you, we are such fans of you and your passion to help us end SMA, and we send you tons of strength so that your legs will glide across the course.

Miss Getty sends her Big Sissy lots of smoochies!!!!!!!!!

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Grand Total!

From Kate:

Well the final art pieces were sold today. A little bittersweet. I know they are all going to good homes, but it was sure nice to have them in our house. They each are so special in their own way.

I want to thank all of the families for participating. Your support made this art auction what it was, a HUGE success. Getty, Miss Angie and I were doing a little bit of art just yesterday and it made me think about all of the special moments you are all having with your kids as well when they make art. Getty gets very talkative when she makes art, it is so fun to hear her squeal and coo as she swipes the canvas. Here are a couple.

Richie had to snuggle Getty as she drew. So cute.

A finger paint masterpiece!

A little green here, a little red there. 🙂

We had a good time yesterday. Anytime Getty can create, she just lightens up.

I want to thank everyone who bought an art piece either at our SMA Art Auction on August 13th or our online SMA Art Auction. You are all helping us raise the money needed to help fund the Gene Therapy Program. Oh and before I forget, please send me a picture if you like of where you decided to hang that special piece. 🙂

Our Grand Total is……..$2,214.50

Not too shabby, incredible in fact! We are so happy indeed!