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Little Tootsies…………..Moving!

From Kate:

This disease certainly has a way of knocking a parent down. Let me just say that now. I don’t want to bring on the usual dread of what is happening to Getty on a molecular level, simply not worth the time but with set backs come incredible celebrations.

Take last night in particular. We were setting down for the night. We were all watching Sprout and Getty was getting some great tummy time on the couch. It is a perfect time to massage her little body and get her ready for a well deserved slumber. While she was on her belly I was massaging her legs and back and just doing all I could to solicit her coos of excitement when it comes to massage. She gets so chatty on her belly. So while she watched Thomas the train, I propped her feet up on a pillow to relax.

We watched Thomas together as a family and then in the corner of my eye I could see some feet moving around like no body’s businesses. Such a beautiful sight.

A little back ground on her feet strength has been for the most part very minimal. So you can imagine our excitement to see her tootsies moving around with such vigor.

“Great Job Getty!!!!!” A big smile emerged with such a proud smile.

So here are Getty’s dancing feet.

This is possible because of her diet. The AA Diet allowing to use her energy in different places in such a way that she can use her feet, or move her head, or not be dependent on her bi-pap, etc.

If you would like to learn more about the diet, so go to AA Diet for SMA. I know the movement in Getty’s feet is only the tip of the iceberg. More is to come and this is proving to us that with some hard work and diligence, our kids can thrive with SMA. Thank you to all of the mothers who have tested the boundaries of dietary needs for our kids and pushed when still there are critics that say this will not benefit our kids. To them I say rubbish.


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