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Special Touches

From Kate:

Since infancy, Getty has laid by my side. I know it is “not” safe, but whatever. I chose to have my little peanut be right next to me in sleep. I wanted her to hear my heart beat, I wanted her to be able to feel me and I wanted her to feel “safe”. Fast forward, our sweet pea is 31 months and we still are roommates right next to each other. She hasn’t kicked me out yet, so I will remain by her side. Our bed is bigger, so we each have space, but if you found us in the morning, you would find us still right next to each other as we did when she was only days old. I love to snuggle with her and I believe she enjoys it as well, because she reciprocates with a happy coo.

Getty needs to be repositioned many times a night. That entails moving her body from one side to another with positioning pillows to ensure the most comfortable position. I have gotten used to doing this in my sleep. She has however ended up in some weird positions when I wake up. As I wake I look at her and think, “how are you sleeping like that.” But she fast asleep and so I slightly make some adjustments and she continues on in slumber.

My little girl is just that, all girl. It can be literally the middle of the night and I hear a loud coo. It is not a coo to tell me she needs to be repositioned, it is a coo to “talk”. Like as if we were having a slumber party and she wanted to stay up late to talk about “stuff. She giggles and coos and squeals. However mom (me) is looking at her with a look of slumber and I try my best to get her back to sleep. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. 🙂 I am not the most persuasive mother. I usually take part in the slumber party. Smooching her cheeks and squealing with her. It is such a special time with her that cannot be replicated during the day.

Lately, I found what gets her back to sleep and it can only be described at magical. I prop her hand against my cheek and she taps my check with all of her fingers. Somehow that soothes her to fall back asleep. I can’t explain how incredible it feels to me and to also know that touching my face soothes her back to slumber-land is an amazing feeling. Those special touches make this mama’s heart and soul feel complete.


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