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Turkey Is Done, Now SIgn Up For The 3rd Annual Getty Owl Run/Walk

From Kate:

We are ready to get this “show on the road”.


Announcing early registration of our

3rdAnnual Getty Owl Run/Walk.


Mark your calendars for Sunday, February 23, 2014 in Crocker Park, Downtown Sacramento.

It is coming, it is happening, and it is going to be even bigger and better than our last two years. We are so excited to bring our run back to the Sacramento area.

Our continued mission of spreading SMA Awareness, raising funds for families affected by SMA and to help fund research to help find a cure for SMA.

In the last two years, we have raised over $50,000 from our Getty Owl Run/Walk. The outpouring of support has been phenomenal to say the least. It is an absolute humbling experience to see a sea of people all there for a common cause.  We are so excited to feel that support again.

In the months to come I will be posting about the run, just to keep the event in forefront of your mind. But for now here are a couple of items of info to check out.


Race Information


We would like to thank our sponsors that are already on board with their support of Getty Owl Foundation and our Run/Walk. You have been so unwavering in supporting our cause and we greatly appreciate your commitment.

We are currently looking for sponsors to support our 3rd Annual Getty Owl Run/Walk. If you know of a company that would be interested in being a part of an incredible event that not only supports Getty Owl Foundation, but also supports healthy living and eating, please check out our Sponsor Kit.

So here we go. On to another great event and one that supports the entire family. Thank you to everyone who have supported us in the past, we hope to see you this coming year as well. Hoot! Hoot!

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It Is Easy To Be Grateful!

From Kate & Mark:

As Thanksgiving comes closer it is easy to reflect on the past year with a smile. I know the school of thought is that Thanksgiving Day is the appropriate time to give thanks. I also know that, in theory, we should always be giving thanks every day for all kinds of fortunes in our lives, to embrace what is good, embrace loved ones, and embrace the simple and complex feats of life. Although sometimes that easier said than done, one must push forward to find the good and not get trapped in the negative or sad.

Our year has been one of milestones, change, heartache, and celebration. As any other family, we are tested to understand what is most important. When life is most foggy, we have an anchor in this house that pulls us down to reality and forces us to find the good and grateful in ALL situations. Getty is and will always be our anchor.


It is easy to be grateful when we have the most incredible human being on the earth under this roof.

So here is a grateful list. I like lists and sometimes it is a nice way to visually gaze at how much we are grateful.

We are grateful for…

  • Getty’s continued rockin’ health. Little missy will be 4 in March and I wish there was a way to accurately express how incredible that feels to us. We take every day with such gentle hands and pure diligence and perhaps, in turn, that is why she is doing so well. Aside from the SMA, let’s face it, Getty is as strong as an ox. She is also always wearing her superhero cape underneath her clothes on a daily basis. She is our daughter, she is amazing, and we are just so incredibly thankful for such a vibrant little lady.


  • Grammy Nola for being so giving of herself and helping care for Getty. She is a Grammy, laundry goodness, and everything in between. Mom, not sure how we could be functioning without your care and love. Thank you so very much for loving Getty the way you do. You bring an additional dimension into Getty’s life that is so special. Getty loves her Grammy indeed. She is starting to give you some sass though. You might need to use some of the tactics you used on me when I gave you sass. 🙂 Thank you also to Papa Gary for helping get things done and your sense of humor.


  • Grammy Evelyn and Grampa Evin for you endless love and support. Getty’s life and ours are certainly enriched by the wealth of goodness flowing from your kind and generous souls. Despite the miles, you are always near our hearts and warm our home and spirits.


  • Miss Angie for being a trusted friend and well let’s be honest, my other half during the day. Angie you are always a step ahead of my sleepy and stressed out brain and often heavy heart. I can’t thank you enough. Your love and care for Getty is something I absolutely love. It is a joy to watch as well. She knows just how far to push you and then I think Getty has an internal talk with herself as if to say, “man, I can’t get away with anything, MISS ANGIE!”  Your presence in the house is so very appreciated and we can’t thank you enough for being a part of the family.


  • Our family that lives far away, all Getty’s aunts, uncles, and cousins. We know that you are always sending Getty good vibes and added love. We feel you and just wished we all lived closer so that you can physically see Getty grow leaps and bounds. Thank you for your love.


  • Our friends who are supportive and have the ability to spring into action when needed. We know you all have busy lives and the just knowing you are there is very comforting. You’re life savers! Thank you.


  • Getty’s three teachers who grace us with their presence each week. You bring Getty such joy. Getty is loving pre-school and it is the coolest thing to sit in the background and watch her interact with each of you. You all bring excitement and curiosity to our already precocious child. Getty is growing leaps and bounds intellectually and socially due to each of your instruction, whether that is singing songs, moving items, finding patterns, learning letters and words, etc. Getty soaks up every word and nugget of instruction.


  • All the wonderful SMA families who offer knowledge, wisdom, support, humor, and vital documents to help us help Getty and justify, justify, justify.


  • All the donors and supporters of Getty Owl Foundation. Without Team Getty, we wouldn’t be able to help so many SMA families or help find a cure for SMA.


  • Dr. Mary Schroth & Dr. John Bach. Thank you for educating families and doctors all around the world on SMA care.


  • All Getty’s specialists who have helped Getty become a happy and strong girl, particularly Dr. McDonald, Dr. Hahn, Dr. Perez, Dr. Givant, Dr. Tezcan, Dr. McMahon, Dr. Sifry-Platt, Dr. Wong, and OT Cynthia.


  • All the researchers trying to treat and cure SMA, especially Dr. Brian Kaspar. We are grateful for your hard work and dedication.


From Kate: I thank Mark for being such an incredible daddy. Their very special “club” is actually pretty intimidating. When they are together, it is pretty clear that I best get out of the way, which I love. I instantly morph into chopped liver. Maybe other mothers can relate. 🙂 The sparkle in her eyes and her coos are beautiful to watch and listen to. I seriously believe they have a special language and perhaps talk in their own secret code.

From Mark: I thank Kate for being a wonderful mother to our little lady. I know Getty’s daily care is more than a handful, but you manage to get it all done for Getty. The fact that she is so strong, bright, and beautiful in the face of SMA is a testament to your loving work. Getty’s strength and smile is a reflection of your own. Also, GOF would not be where it is today without your hard work and dedication to the cause. Thank you.

To all who have helped support Getty, our family, our cause, and Getty Owl Foundation — from the bottoms of our hearts…




 Reasons to be grateful

Getty and Daddymamaschool Pumpkins Power chair Daisy Teacher




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Kings vs Lakers! Do I have to say more?

From Kate:

Sacramento Kings1


We will be partnering with the Kings on Friday, December 6th to raise funds for Getty Owl Foundation and enjoying an amazing game between our rival……the Lakers.


So here are the details:

-We have all 50 tickets on hand to sell.


-Tickets are $45 a piece.


-Space is limited and I know they will go quick.


-For those that buy 4 or more tickets get a Getty Owl Foundation gift pack.


-Call 916-476-3977 or email us at if you have interest.


-Checks payable to Getty Owl Foundation and sent to:

5714 Folsom Blvd. #193

Sacramento, CA 95819


-You can also use our donate button on our home page to purchase the tickets. Please notate your address in the comment section so I can promptly mail them out to you.


-Children under 2 do not need a ticket, but have to sit on a parent’s lap and not occupy a seat.


-Game starts at 7pm.


-Are you sitting down?????? We were able to work an incredible opportunity for all ticket holders for our fundraiser. Each ticket holder through us is invited to be on hand to watch the team warm up. Let me say that ONE more time. We all get to watch the Kings warm up before the game. Amazing! Warm-up starts at 5:00pm.


So if you are interested please contact us, we are so excited for this opportunity to work with the Kings and we are so excited for the game. Getty has her own Kings cheer leading outfit, we are set. 🙂


We hope you can join us, the night will be electrical.


There really is no deadline, only to say they will go fast.






And the Costume Contest Winners are…………

From Kate:

Before I offer up the winners of our 3rd Annual Costume Contest, I just want to say on behalf of our entire family and foundation……thank you all for participating. We had over 1,747 votes which is amazing!

I am thankful that we did not have to pick this year, because let’s face it, the entries of kiddos was phenomenal. I hope for those that did vote, enjoyed the process of being in control.

So here we go!

1st Place with 23% (400 votes) goes to……………………………..Miss Reagan! Well done little lady, you have won a $100 gift card to Barnes and Noble. I am sure your mommy and daddy will find all kinds of fun books for you.




2nd Place with 19% (335 votes) goes to…………….Sam! Congrats Sam! You have won a $50 iTunes gift card.



3rd Place with 19% (328 votes) goes to……………………….Ford! Well done fierce knight. You have won a $25 Visa gift card.




Thank you all for participating. We hope next year is just as fun and amazing!!!! Can a parent from each peanut please email me so I can send your gift cards please?


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Let the Halloween Costume Contest Voting Begin!

From Kate:

As always, you kiddos do not disappoint. Thank you all for entering your children in our 3rd Annual Costume Contest. It was a lot of fun to gather all of pictures and get them all “collaged” up.

If for some reason I have missed your kiddo’s picture (I am only human and yes this happened before) please email me or leave a comment or yell at me to get my act together on fb, and I will make it right immediately.

We all hope everyone had a safe Halloween. We enjoyed watching the annual The Great Pumpkin and hanging out on “Getty’s” bed and snuggling.

Getty is NOT allowed to be entered into the contest, but I at least wanted to share her Halloween pictures. The Good Getty Witchy and Doc McGetty were in the house.

Final Getty


Okay so the rules really quickly. I changed them just a bit. We created a poll to make things way easier on everyone. So when voting, please just simply go down to the bottom of the post and click on the letter that corresponds with the kiddo you think is the “Top Pumpkin”. Feel free to comment, but votes by comment won’t count.

Vote from now until November 4th. You may only vote ONCE. Contest winners will be announced on November 5th.

Thanks again to all who entered!

Happy Voting!

Finished Collage 1Final Collage 2Final Collage 3FInal Collage 4



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