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From Kate:

I thought it would be a good time to give some great updates on how Getty doing. Great I guess would be the term I would use.  Great is an amazing word around here. Anything less would have this mama in a stir.

Getty recently had her clinic day at Kaiser. She got to see most of her doctors and she checked out with great reviews. Nothing needs to change. Miss lady is 45 inches and 42 pounds. I need to tweak her diet just a tad so she doesn’t increase in weight to much, but other than that, she is good. Genetically, my side of the family is long and lanky. So I think that is what we are dealing with over here. She is a growing daisy that just keeps growing and growing, and growing. 🙂

She got her labs taken. The lab lady just had to do one stick to get enough blood for ALL of her labs. A) That is so rare and B) I need to find her next time we come in. We got her labs back and she is well within the range for everything except for iron. I will supplement iron into her diet to fix that. So glad everything else came out level. There always seems to be a nervous lull before the lab results are in. I am on my toes trying to think of how to supplement before I even know what to supplement. 🙂

The past three or so weeks Getty has had some allergies that we finally got a  hold of. When anything out of the ordinary happens in the health department, you triage immediately. We need to rule out a, b, and c, and d, etc. The good thing is that it is just allergies, but I am afraid she got a bad case of them due to the bad air here this past month and her poor head and sinuses were affected. She was miserable for a few days while we finally figured out the right mixture and then she had the relief she needed. Lots of secretions and snot. Singular, Flonase and nebulizer of Albuterol and saline seems to continue to do the trick. Just so thankful a remedy was found. I hate to see her uncomfortable. Especially when she can’t tell me exactly what is hurting.

Getty started the school year and she loves it. She has a speech therapist come two days a week, we love her. She also has a great orthopedic therapist come once a week. The rest of the week she is tuning in and interacting with her classmates on the VGo. This year already is so interactive for Getty. Last year we were just trying to learn the system and learn some techniques on how to be as interactive with the class as possible. Since we came in so late I think it was hard for the kids and Getty to form relationships. Honestly I was a little apprehensive this year. I know what this system can do and I wanted so much for the kids to attach to Getty. Well I will just say this, kids are awesome. Getty is just one of the kids and it is awesome.

She tunes in for the entire class period (roughly three hours), except for recess. The kids welcome her every morning and say goodbye every day. She participates in songs, math, cycle time, playtime, and one of her friend’s even poured her some tea the other day. It is so great to watch her interact with them. I attribute the incredible coordination  and inclusion to Getty’s teacher. She is terrific and she is so good about making sure that Getty is a part of all activities.

Lockdown is among us. October is about the time our doors shut and life is created in the confines of a four wall house. This will be our fourth year of lockdown and while I am used to it, I am not used to it. Cleaning protocols are at their highest. A sterile living environment takes a lot of work and consciousness, but we know the drill. So here we go. 🙂

Getting ready for Halloween. We are slowly working on decorating the house with all things Halloween. Getty has her costume. We are so excited to take pictures. Can’t tell……it is a secret. 🙂

Oh and before I forget we will be doing the 4th Annual Halloween Costume Contest again this year. Very excited. I will make an announcement soon.

Here are some pictures of Getty in the classroom with her classmates.

photo 2-14


photo 3-8

photo 1-11







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  • Morgan says:

    Momma Kate – you are an inspiration. The amount of care you put into our little lady is indescribable. Praying lockdown season is different this year for you guys, that you find ways to make the walls disappear even tho they’ll be there. See you in December and January for some clean cuddles and a photoshoot! Love you so much! Smoochie for the babe ❤️

  • rooth says:

    My oh my look at what a beautiful big girl she’s growing into! And I can’t wait to see her Halloween costume (this is me secretly hoping it’s something spooky)

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