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Holiday Season

From Kate:

This will be Getty’s 5th holiday season. Looking back on the past gives us a chance to give pause for a moment to relish in the memories and milestones that our little lady continues to accomplish. As many other kids, Getty didn’t quite get the concept of Christmas and the whole Santa thing. Well she gets it now. Wrapped presents under the tree is very enticing for her now. I think she believes all of the presents are for her and I would have to say at this point, she is right. 🙂 She understands the tree and how we need to decorate it. This year it was obvious that our tree has become an owl tree. I never knew there were so many owl ornaments that you could actually decorate an entire tree with just owls, but I am here to tell you that you too can. 🙂 She understands family. She understands how much we all love and adore her. She understands that the world literally revolves around her and she takes that knowledge with such humbleness and grace.

She is our present. We just got to open that package early on March 25th, 2010. 🙂 Ever since her birth she has been an absolute joy to be in the company of. Getty is an exquisite child that loves, teaches, and pushes us all to be better people. Her eyes show such a wise disposition. Although there are times that she uses her hierarchy to get her way, ultimately she communicates her love in such special ways to all of us. We all have important roles in Getty life. As caretakers, as mama and daddy, as grammie and Papa, as Miss Angie, as Aunt Patti, as big sissy Morgan and all of her friends and teachers. Her distant grandparents, uncles and aunts and cousins. We ALL play an extraordinary part in the growth of Getty.

I say it time and time again. Getty is gift. She is such a special child that we all honor every day. No passing moment goes unnoticed. She surprises us everyday with something new. It is almost as though she has her bag of tricks and she slowly brings them out when we need them. A week ago we were listening to the song Noel. Well guess who busted out singing it? Not a dry eye in the room. Such a sweet little voice murmuring the tune and she was trying so hard to push out the notes with her little belly.

So here we are on Christmas Eve. Our hope is that everyone has a chance to slow down and just enjoy the company of family and friends. No gift is more dear than a loved one. Hold them close and give a whisper of love. Here is to an already beautiful holiday season. Cheers!

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