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Let The Countdown Begin!

From Kate:

Well we are in the homestretch.

We are ready for a beautiful day (no rain in sight).

We are ready for a memorable day.

We are ready to raise SMA awareness.

We are ready to give out awards.

We are ready to entertain and welcome.

We are ready for you.

Our goal is to hit 2,000 runners/walkers. I’ll be honest…..we are not very close to our goal and we are hoping to make one last outreach to ask for your help.

Would you consider bringing your family to an awesome family oriented run this Sunday, February 22nd?

Would you consider virtually participating?

Would you consider walking or running your heart out for those that can’t (yet) walk or run?

Would all reading this consider helping us push for our goal so we can help end SMA?

Click HERE for all the information you will need to sign up and learn more about Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

Let’s do this together. Let’s fight this disease one step at a time.

We thank you all in advance for your support and willingness to help Getty Owl Foundation be a part of the solution in the fight against SMA.



Kate Mathany

Getty’s proud mama 🙂


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