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iPad Mini Recipients Announced!

From Kate: We are so excited to announce our new 4 recipients of an iPad Mini. Thank you to the SMA community for supporting our foundation with your participation. While technology covers a vast spectrum, Apple’s  iPad has really done a great job of creating a bridge to communication, socialization, and education for so many children and adults with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Getty Owl Foundation is committed to giving as many people with SMA the ability to soar with technology.  We have witnessed first hand the remarkable opportunities Apple’s iPad has given to Getty. She can participate in recess play and visit family during the winter months with FaceTime. Math and spelling apps give Getty the ability enjoy learning and pushing herself to new heights. Watching and listening to audiobooks allow her to acquire language and develop her ability to imagine. Whiteboard apps, give her time to review and spell words. There really is an app for anything she needs.  Congratulations to our newest 4 recipients. Enjoy and soar to new heights. 🙂 

Madison Reed

20 years old




Sara Greene

14 years old 





Javier Medina

1 year old




Cooper Heller 

7 months

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